Top 5 Best Gifts for Golfers

The season is here, and many companies are starting to offer golf outings for their employees and clients. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of that and start offering personalized gifts to your clients and employees. In this guide, we’ll cover our top 5 picks for the best gifts for golfers. Let’s dive in! 

OGIO® Vision 2.0 Golf Stand Bag

1. OGIO® Vision 2.0 Golf Stand Bag

Up first, we have our OGIO Vision 2.0 Golf Stand Bag. This bag sports a solid, durable and reliable stand with plenty of space for golfers of all walks, even the pros. What makes this golf bag stand out over others on the market is its ability to be customized from head to toe with your company’s branding. 

Pinnacle price$261.19$244.55$226.36$218.78

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Cotton Twill Promotional Visor

2. Cotton Twill Promotional Visor

Looking to stay branded at all times on the course while giving a really useful gift? Look no further than the Cotton Twill Promotional Visor. This visor is a perfect gift for any golfer, because let’s face it, every golfer uses visors or hats. 

Enjoy multiple coloring options with the ability to print your logo on the visor. 

Another great benefit of this Visor is its affordability – making it a perfect bulk gift option for all your golfing friends, employees and clients.

Pinnacle price$7.62$7.21$6.73$6.51

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3. PUMA® Golf Cooler Bag

When you’re hot, they’re hot. When you’re branded, they should be too. Take advantage of the wonder that are coolers. Stay refreshed on and off the course while remaining completely branded with your businesses logo on this PUMA Golf Cooler Bag. 

This bag is durable, reliable and always ensures your goods are cooled for long periods of time. Want to play all day? This bag ensures you can do it with ease. 

Your clients and employees will thank you for this. Trust us, it’s great.

PUMA® Golf Cooler Bag →

PUMA® Golf Cooler Bag

4. Kong Tumbler Golf Kit

What do you call a golf kit that has an insulated tumbler, custom golf ball, custom towel, personalized tees, branded divot tool, custom golf ball marker and a pair of Naples sunglasses? That’s right! The ultra-affordable Kong Tumbler Golf Kit. 

This golf kit is promotional ready for your businesses logo to be printed onto each product in the kit. This golf kit makes a great gift for any golfer with nothing but practicality at an extremely affordable price. 

You cannot go wrong with this kit. Check it out below.

Pinnacle price$45.13$41.96$40.54$39.87

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Quick Turn Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

5. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Custom golf balls are not something many consider within the realm of promotional products, yet they work wonders for businesses. Our Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are brandable with your businesses logo. 

We love custom golf balls as a gift for clients, employees and random folks’ for a few reasons. First, it’s got your logo and your clients/employees/folks will build an association with your logo and their love of the sport. Secondly, if you’ve golfed, you know that balls get lost… Well, this can be great for you! If these balls are mysteriously lost, someone will eventually find it and use it and the cycle shall continue, giving you the presence of potentially hundreds of folks’ throughout the time.

All jokes aside, Titleist is well known for its superb quality and extreme performance, adding your logo is just the start of the capabilities for these custom golf balls.

Get yours today! 

Pinnacle price$75.76$73.60$71.56$69.62

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