Essential Promotional Items for Trade Shows: A Comprehensive Guide

A trade show is the perfect opportunity for companies to showcase their purpose and their products. And while it’s important to have an engaging booth at the tradeshow, it’s the promotional items attendees take home that make a lasting impression. These aren’t just freebies but vital tokens of your brand’s presence.

Pinnacle Promotions is your trusted partner in promotional trade show items. We ensure that every trade show giveaway resonates with your brand. We are recognized for the quality and variety of our products, standing out as the best choice for trade show promotional items.

In this guide, you’ll find tons of trade show giveaway ideas! You’ll also learn how to get your promotional items right so that they make a lasting mark at any trade show and best practices for engagement post trade show. Let’s go!

Pinnacle’s Promise: Quality, Variety, and Customization

Quality isn’t just a buzzword here at Pinnacle; it’s ingrained in everything we do. We believe that every trade show promotional item we provide should be a reflection of the high standards you uphold. Through rigorous quality checks, we make sure that every product meets or exceeds expectations.

Sticky Book

Use the Sticky Book to embed your brand in daily tasks. This sticky book comes with three sizes of vibrant stick flags, 25 sheets of page marker strips, and covers you can customize. Offered in twelve bold colors, and special 4-color designs on white covers, it’s packed with neon-colored sticky pads and markers. Every time someone marks a page, they’ll think of your brand, associating it with being organized and attentive. Like this idea but want to see more? We have many sticky flag products to choose from!

Spiral Notebooks

Gather your ideas in the 5″ x 7″ Duchess Spiral Notebook, perfect for work, school, or daily notes. Featuring 70 lined pages and protected by a sturdy cover, this notebook is your go-to for jotting down thoughts. Its classic spiral design ensures you can write with ease, laying flat for comfort. Not too big or too small, it’s the ideal size to carry wherever you go, making sure you’re always ready to scribble down inspiration. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to highlight your brand every day. Curious about more notebook choices? See all of our notebook options.

A World of Choices

Pinnacle offers everything from timeless favorites to the trendiest trade show giveaways. We have a broad selection, designed to suit all business needs. Everything from tech gadgets to green products, and everything in between. With us, you’ll find the perfect fit for your brand and crowd. 

Aluminum Bottle Opener Key Chain

Looking for a handy trade show giveaway? Our Aluminum Bottle Opener Key Chain is a top pick. It comes in 5 cool colors and doesn’t just open bottles; it also shows off your brand every day. With your logo engraved in white, it’s a small reminder of your brand’s practicality. It’s great for everyone and goes wherever keys go. And if you want to mix it up, we’ve got plenty of key chain styles to choose from. 

Campfire Mug 

Bring the warmth and nostalgia of a fireside chat to every morning with our 15 oz. Campfire Mug. Every time someone reaches for a comforting cup of coffee, they’ll be reminded of your brand’s thoughtfulness. Adhering to FDA standards, our mugs are designed for durability and lasting impressions. Though sturdy, we recommend a gentle hand wash to maintain the pristine look. Think mugs are a brilliant promotional idea? See all of our drinkware options!

Malibu Sunglasses

Our Malibu Sunglasses are a cool giveaway for trade shows. Made from recycled materials, they come in many colors like Frosted White, Tortoise, and Wood Grain. You can pick different colors but keep your logo the same on all. They show off your brand’s care for the environment and style. Plus, they’re a fun way to remind people of your brand every sunny day. Want more choices? Check out our whole collection of sunglasses for more ideas.

Why Trade Show Giveaways Matter

Have you ever received a gift and felt an immediate rush of gratitude? It’s a universal feeling. As humans, we have a thing for tangible items. It’s not just about the physical object but the experience and memory it invokes. This fundamental understanding forms the basis for why trade show giveaways wield such influence.

Kraft Paper Brown Shopping Bag

Our Kraft Paper Brown Shopping Bag is both handy and eco-friendly. With a strong bottom and cool twisted-paper handles, it’s perfect for carrying stuff. The top has a neat zig-zag edge. When folks carry it, they’re showing off your logo and telling the world that your brand cares about our planet. Plus, it’s a bag you can use again and again. Looking for more like this? We have a ton of paper shopping bag ideas!

Hydrator Sports Bottles – 35 oz

Grab our strong 35 oz Hydrator Sports Bottle for all your drink needs. It’s tough, doesn’t break easily, and has a lid that doesn’t leak. Its big opening makes it easy to fill and drink from. Plus, it’s safe to use, following FDA rules and being BPA free. So, when people use it, they’ll think of your brand as both healthy and reliable. You can pick from lots of colors and put your logo on it. If you’re thinking about other bottle designs for giveaways, check our collection. We’ve got a big variety!

Snack Bags

Boost your brand with tasty Snack Bags from Zagasnacks™. Inside, you’ll find yummy treats that people will love. With bright and colorful graphics, your brand will stand out. These bags are perfect for events or meetings! With different fill options, everyone will remember your brand with every snack they have. We have every kind of customizable snack imaginable from popcorn and cookies to  granola bars and s’mores kits!

Making Memorable First Impressions 

While hosting a table at a busy trade show, first impressions are crucial. Your trade show promotional items can make or break these moments. Consider:

  • Attention Grabbers: The right trade show giveaway catches the eye instantly.
  • Tone Setters: A quality item suggests you prioritize excellence in all you do.
  • Conversation Starters: Unique giveaways can spark interest and initiate valuable discussions.

LED Light Key Chains

Brighten up your brand with our LED Key Chains, perfect for trade show giveaways. These keychains offer a strong light, helping out in dark spots or evenings. And with your logo on them, every time someone uses their keys, they’ll think of your brand. The best part? Batteries come included, so they’re ready to use right away. Think of it as a handy light always available in pockets or bags, linking your brand with moments when a little extra brightness is just what’s needed. We have the coolest line of key chains to put your logo on, take a look at them all!

Polyester Backpacks

Make moving easy with our 210D Polyester Backpacks. These bags come with comfy straps and a handle, making them perfect for any journey. And with your logo on them, it’s like having a traveling ad wherever it goes. They’ve got a front zipper pocket and a side mesh one to keep things tidy. Every time someone packs for a trip, commute, or day out, your brand’s right there with them. It’s a top pick for trade show gifts. Looking for a different style of backpack for your giveaways? We have the most extensive line of them! See all of our backpacks here.

Voyage Luggage Tag

Travel with your customers using the Voyage Luggage Tag. Made of tough PVC, this tag has a clear strap to attach to bags easily. With your logo on it, people will see it at airports, train stations, and hotels. As bags go from place to place, your brand travels too, showing it’s there for the long haul. It’s more than just a tag; it shows your brand is with them on every trip.  Need luggage to go with your luggage tags? We’ve got that too!

Building Relationships Through Giveaways 

Beyond capturing initial attention, trade show giveaways have a deeper role. They serve as constant brand reminders and tools for nurturing business relationships. Imagine the impact of a client using your branded item regularly, with each use reinforcing their connection to your brand.

Golf Tees

Help your brand become part of fun and networking with our Golf Tees. Made for all types of golfers and coming in different colors, they help play the game while showing off your brand. When your logo is on them, each tee talks about your brand. They’re great for giving away at trade shows. Every time they’re used in a game or chat on the golf course, your brand is there. Our line of golf products is impressive, take a look!

Lip Moisturizer Ball

Boost your trade show gifts with our Lip Moisturizer Ball. It’s not just fun to look at with its six bright colors, but it also gives soft vanilla lip care. When people walk around a trade show, your brand stays close in their pockets. With your logo on the top, they’ll think of your brand every time they use it for smooth lips.  If you like the idea of personal care products for giveaways at your trade show event, we have a huge variety of options.

42” Umbrella

Show off your brand as protection from the weather with our 42” Umbrella. It has an easy manual open, folds up nicely, and comes with a strong aluminum frame and a handy wrist strap. Made of tough polyester, it’s a go-to in sudden rain or shine. It packs down to just 9″, making it easy to carry, and comes in many colors. Your logo stands out every time it opens. Looking for more outdoor stuff with your brand?  See all of our outdoor items here.

Trade Show Excellence with Pinnacle 

At trade shows, giveaways aren’t just things; they help build your brand and make lasting ties. With Pinnacle Promotions on your side, your promotional moves are always spot-on.

Browse Unique Giveaways for Trade Shows

Auto Safety Tool

Boost your brand image with the Auto Safety Tool, a vital safety gadget. Its steel-pointed head can break glass and its edge can cut seat belts. Its handy attachment means your brand’s always close, linking it to safety and readiness. This tool stands out in our diverse range of car accessories, making your trade show giveaways memorable and meaningful. From bumper stickers to window clings and everything in between, our auto accessories line will have your trade show giveaway wheels turning.

Double Wall USA-Made Tumbler

Keep beverages at the right temperature with our USA-made Double Wall Tumbler. Designed to keep drinks hot for 45 minutes and cold for 5.5 hours, this 22 oz tumbler is perfect for all. Its matte finish, clear inner liner, and spill-resistant lid make it both stylish and practical. Displaying your logo, it ensures your brand is noticed during daily activities and events. Ideal for expos and fundraisers, it’s a hands-on way to promote your message. We have every shape, style and color of tumbler you can imagine. Take a look at our tumblers!

Satin Pens 

Showcase your brand with our Satin Pens at trade shows. These pens, featuring smooth action and rich black ink, come in over 15 standout colors. Their modern design, combined with a comfortable rubber grip, makes them a daily essential. With your logo gracefully placed on the pen, it becomes a constant reminder of your brand, accompanying every scribble and signature. Need more pen options? We’ve got a wide variety to explore!

Strategizing Your Trade Show Giveaway Choices

When selecting your promotional items for trade shows, it’s vital first to reflect upon your brand’s core values and message. An item that resonates with your brand narrative can strengthen your brand identity. For instance, if your brand emphasizes innovation, opt for tech-related trade show giveaways.

5-Piece Wellness Kit

Offer well-being with our Outdoor 5-Piece Wellness Kit at your next trade show. Inside, find essentials like Hand Sanitizer, SPF30 Sunscreen, After Burn Spray, Insect Repellent, and After Bite Spray. It’s all packed in a durable case showcasing your logo, linking your brand with thoughtful care. You can find every kind of personal care item to put your log on in our personal care page!

Knit Cap Beanie

Elevate your trade show giveaways with our Acrylic Knit Cap Beanies. Choose from 9 vibrant colors, and with a universal fit, they’re everyone’s favorite cold-weather accessory. Your logo, expertly displayed, makes your brand synonymous with warmth and care during winter months. Browse our headwear line.

Plastic Hand-Held Fan

Stay top of mind with our Plastic Hand-Held Promotional Fans, ideal for warm trade shows or indoor gatherings. With a large space for your logo, these fans offer cooling relief at busy events or sports days. Your brand stands out, associating itself with comfort and a refreshing breeze when it’s needed most. If you think this is pretty unique, you should see all of our other unique giveaway ideas!

Knowing Your Audience 

Different groups have different likes. Understanding this helps you pick the right trade show gifts for your brand. For example, a young tech crowd might like cool gadgets, while healthcare professionals might prefer health items. Matching your gifts to your audience makes them more engaged and connected.

Aztec Soup Mug

Enjoy a hot meal with the Aztec Soup Mug, carrying your brand in every sip. This mug comes with a matching spoon and meets FDA standards. It’s best to hand-wash. As people enjoy their soup, your logo reminds them of your brand. With several colors available, this mug combines usefulness and a homey touch for your promotions. Find this and more in our household items you can put your brand on and giveaway.

16” Beach Balls

Add fun to outdoor events with our 16″ Beach Balls, available in colors like Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. Perfect for the beach, picnics, or events, they make your brand stand out. With your logo on them, each toss spreads the word about your brand. We’ve got all kinds of beach gear to choose from in our outdoor promotional items, like mats, towels, umbrellas and other beach ball options.

Tissue Packet

Give a little comfort with our Tissue Packet, packed with 20 tissues and available in many colors. Small enough for pockets or bags, your brand is there for sniffles or sneezes. With your logo on it, it’s a reminder of your brand’s care. Great for trade shows, they mix usefulness with a personal touch, keeping your brand close in everyday moments. Put your logo on this or any number of our other personal care promotional items.

Striking the Perfect Balance 

Amongst the huge array of trade show giveaways, standing out is essential. But, it’s equally important to offer items that serve a genuine purpose. The trick lies in choosing unique yet functional items, ensuring they’re not discarded but used, making your brand a regular part of your potential clients’ lives.

Gel Wax Highlighter

Light up your giveaways with our Gel Wax Highlighters! They don’t smear ink or bleed on paper and won’t dry out, even if you forget the cap. Plus, they have twist bottoms for easy use. With your logo on them, people will connect your brand with dependable quality as they mark up their documents. Don’t stop at highlighters, be sure you check out all of our customizable office supplies!


Promote health with our In Shape Pedometer. It counts steps, has a clear LCD screen, and a handy belt clip. It also saves power with an auto-off feature. With your logo on it, every step boosts your brand’s image. It’s a great trade show giveaway, linking wellness and your brand with each step. If you are in the fitness arena, you’ll want to see all of our other fitness giveaway ideas, so hop on over!

Round Eraser

Encourage learning with our Round Eraser. Made from quality rubber, it’s great for schools and is a fun way to show off your logo. With multiple colors, it matches your brand’s look. Every time someone erases a pencil mark, they’ll think of your brand, making it perfect for students and professionals. See all of our pens, pencils and writing tools if you like these giveaway ideas!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Show Giveaways

Choosing the right trade show giveaways is crucial. Mistakes like picking low-quality items or not considering the target audience can affect results. We help you avoid these pitfalls, making sure your promotional items always make an impact.

Computer Mouse Pad

Elevate your digital navigation with our Computer Mouse Pad, vividly printed using a four-color dye sublimation process, giving off a brilliant display of high color and definition. This 8″ W x 7″ H x 1/16″ D mouse pad is a stellar promotional product, ensuring your logo glides through daily operations with ease. It features a non-slip surface, lightweight construction and durability. Check out our entire line of customizable office supplies, when you have a sec!

Color Pop Ear Buds with Microphone

Rock your trade show with the deluxe Color Pop Earbuds, designed to elevate your listening experience. Now enhanced with an in-built cable microphone for easy hands-free calls, these earbuds also come with a chic case for tidy cable storage. With three changeable earbud covers, your brand’s logo stands out, associating it with top-notch sound versatility. Our tech giveaway ideas don’t stop here! See all of our promotional tech products.

Things You Should Do

These to-dos serve to create a more inclusive, quality-focused, and brand-aligned strategy for selecting the best trade show giveaways. These tips will make sure the items you choose act as an effective brand ambassador during and after the event.

Do Give Attention to Detail 

You’ll want to invest in quality control and make sure that each trade show giveaway is in perfect condition, as they represent your brand. Don’t overlook minor flaws or damages, as these can reflect poorly on your company’s image and standards.

Do Align with Brand Values 

Choose giveaways that resonate with your brand’s ethos and values, delivering a harmonious message. Don’t opt for items that contradict your brand’s message, like selecting non-eco-friendly products if you promote sustainability.

Grocery Tote

Meet the Liberty Heat Seal Non-Woven Grocery Tote – featuring sturdy construction with an open main compartment and supported by dual 21-inch handles. More than just a tote, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Recyclable with #5 plastics, it showcases your brand while championing sustainability. As your logo travels on this tote, it promotes environmental responsibility in malls, streets, and shops.  Shop all of our totes.

Zippered Coin Purse

Check out our Zippered Coin Purse, made from durable PVC and 600D Polyester. With a zippered pocket and internal ring for keys, it’s both practical and stylish. Your logo is prominently displayed, and with various color choices, it serves as a mini-advertisement for your brand in pockets and bags. Want something a little bigger? We have tons of bags to choose from!

Do Manage the  Budget

Establish a clear budget for your giveaways, keeping in mind the quality and quantity needed. Don’t splurge excessively on items without considering the ROI and remaining consistent with your financial plan.

Do Leverage Technology 

Consider tech-friendly giveaways that are in line with modern needs, like branded power banks or stylus pens. Don’t forget to ensure tech products adhere to quality and safety standards to avoid negative repercussions.

Do Be Mindful of Diversity 

Think about the diverse needs and preferences of your audience, and choose giveaways that cater to a wide range. Don’t select items that may inadvertently exclude or alienate certain demographic groups attending the trade show.

Stainless Steel Straw Kit

Looking for unique giveaways for trade shows? Sip sustainably with the Stainless Steel Straw Kit – a sleek, reusable stainless steel straw adorned with a soft silicone tip and accompanied by a wire cleaning brush, all encased in a non-woven travel pouch. Your brand doesn’t just linger on the lips of every refreshing sip but resonates with each reuse, silently echoing your dedication to a world less dependent on single-use plastics. You won’t believe your eyes on how many different reusable straw options we offer, be sure and see them all!

Individually Wrapped Mints

Leave a refreshingly sweet impression with every minty bite of our Individually Wrapped Mints. Enveloped in a wrapper that unfolds a four-color process, a magazine-quality visual spectacle, each mint – available in flavors like peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate, and buttermint – becomes a sugary whisper of your brand. Perfect for trade shows, colleges, and more, it’s not just a mint; it’s a moment where your brand lingers, sweetly and memorably. If you want something along these lines, check out all of our brandable mints and gum!

Things You Should Not Do

These “don’ts” are crafted to help avoid pitfalls in your trade show planning, ensuring that your giveaways not only make a positive impression but also serve as effective, ongoing marketing tools.

Don’t Oversaturate

Flooding attendees with an excess of generic freebies is off-putting. Providing too many common items like pens or notepads may dilute their perceived value and lessen your brand’s impact on the event attendees.

Don’t Ignore Cultural Sensitivity 

Disregarding cultural and regional sensitivities when choosing and designing your giveaways can end up being offensive. Inappropriateness, even if unintended, can cast your brand in a negative light and potentially harm relationships with prospective clients or partners.

Fabric Lunch Bag

The Budget Lunch Bag is both useful and a great way to show off your brand. Made from durable 210D Polyester, it has an insulation layer to keep food fresh, a strong Velcro closure, and a nylon handle for easy carrying. It’s not just for lunches – with a range of colors available, this bag puts your logo on display wherever it goes. Think of it as a mobile ad that shows how your brand combines function and style every time someone uses it.  See all of our insulated coolers and bags.

Sun Visors

Check out our 100% Cotton Twill Sun Visors for a smart and stylish trade show promo item. They come with a comfy double-layer sweatband, pro-stitched pre-curved visor for durability, and shade on sunny days. The adjustable strap with Velcro makes it fit everyone. Great for sports or just a day out, these visors put your logo front and center, showing off your brand’s mix of function and fashion in daily life. Check out the rest of our headwear line, too; we have everything from beanies to baseball caps!

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Waiting too long to order your giveaways can cause issues. Rushing can lead to mistakes or lower quality, which might not showcase your brand well at the trade show.

Don’t Forget to Make It Yours

Choosing items without your brand’s unique touch is like throwing money away. Without your logo or custom design, people won’t remember where they got it from, missing a chance to boost your brand’s recognition.

Classic Ale Pint Glass

Cheers to your brand! Introducing the Classic Ale Pint Glass, a favorite in hospitality and a hit at trade shows. Made in the USA, this 16 oz. clear, durable glass showcases your logo perfectly. Whether it’s for big celebrations or just a casual drink, your brand gets noticed. Sold in packs of 24, these glasses make sure your brand is always part of the toast. See all of our beer glasses!

Round Hot Cold Packs

Boost your brand with the Round Hot Cold Packs. Made with the unique ComfortClay™ mix of clay, glycerin, and water, these packs offer a dual hot and cold therapy solution. The added soft plush makes it even more soothing. Meeting FDA and CPSIA standards, and with clear instructions, your brand will stand for innovative comfort and health. And if personal care is your thing, see everything else we have in our customizable personal care line!

Crafting a Custom Experience 

Your brand deserves to shine. At Pinnacle, we ensure your trade show promotional items are as unique as you are. We guide you in tailoring every detail, from colors to logo spots, so each item screams ‘you’. We’re here to make your vision a reality.

Start Customizing Now

Polyester Lanyards

Looking for an eye-catching promo item? Our top-rated 3/4″ Polyester Lanyards have got you covered. With a sturdy metal crimp and split ring, they’re perfect for trade shows, fundraisers, and conferences. Add your screen-printed logo, and watch as attendees sport your brand with pride, ensuring your name stays top of mind. Whether alone or with badges and pouches, these lanyards make a statement. We have every style and color of lanyard known to man, see all of our lanyards!

Non-Woven Garment Bag

Protect your outfits with our Non-Woven Garment Bag, made from water-resistant 110-gram polypropylene. Lightweight but durable, it features a handy ID window and front zipper. It’s not just a garment bag; it’s a testament to practicality and smart decisions, making it a great ambassador for your brand. Yep, we have every kind of bag imaginable!

Incorporating Sustainability into Your Trade Show Giveaways

As people around the world become more eco-aware, green promotional items for trade shows are becoming a big hit. Today’s audience doesn’t just appreciate sustainability; they expect it. Incorporating this trend can significantly elevate your brand’s perception, showcasing responsibility and forward-thinking.

Recycled Cotton U-Handle Book Tote

The Recycled Cotton U-Handle Book Tote is both stylish and sustainable, made from pre-consumer recycled cotton. Its unique U-handles ensure easy carrying, and the main compartment is spacious for belongings. Beyond its functionality, this tote speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to the environment. Plus, 1% of all EcoSmart® sales go to nonprofits via 1% For The Planet, making your brand a part of eco-conscious choices. See all tote options.

Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook and Pen

Make a sustainable impression with the Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook and Pen set. This duo includes a 60-page lined notebook and a coordinating pen with a paper barrel, showcasing both eco-friendliness and functionality. A discreet recycling symbol on the pages reaffirms your dedication to the environment. Available in various colors, it’s perfect for trade shows and business events. With this set, every note carries a hint of your brand’s green commitment. We have pages of different styles, sizes and colors of notebooks to choose from!

Recycled PET Lanyard

Boost your brand’s image with the Recycled PET Lanyard, made from 100% recycled PET material and equipped with a metal crimp and split ring. More than just a holder for keys and IDs, this 3/4″ dye-sublimated lanyard showcases your brand’s commitment to the environment. Perfect for trade shows and business events, it ties your brand to eco-friendliness, turning each use into a nod to sustainability. See all of our lanyards here.

Elevate Your Brand with Sustainable Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Picking eco-friendly trade show giveaways shows that your brand is all in for a brighter future. It really clicks with green-minded customers and sets up your brand as one that truly cares and takes responsibility.

Recycled Aluminum Richmont Gel Ballpoint

The Recycled Aluminum Richmont Gel Ballpoint blends eco-friendliness with a sleek look. Made from recycled aluminum and highlighted with chic chrome details, this pen is both a top-notch writing tool and a nod to sustainability. With its 0.7mm tip and 300-meter black gel ink flow, it’s not just for jotting down notes. This pen puts your brand front and center, showcasing both your commitment to quality and the environment with every line drawn. We have a lot of other types of promotional writing items, so be sure and look them over.

Bentley Recycled Frame Sunglasses

Check out the Bentley Recycled Frame Sunglasses, made from rBAS and equipped with UV400 lenses for full UVA and UVB protection. These stylish shades show off your brand’s dedication to both quality and the environment. With a range of colors, they make sure your logo stands out and speaks volumes about style and responsibility. Great for trade shows or company events, these sunglasses highlight your brand’s commitment to sustainable quality. Want to offer a different style? See all of our sunglass options here.

Recycled ABS Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Try the Recycled ABS Fast Wireless Charging Pad for a mix of wireless tech convenience and eco-friendliness. It has three charging modes (5W/7.5W/10W) and works with many devices. It includes a 39-inch USB-A-to-Type-C cable and comes in an FSC®-certified box. Made from 100% recycled ABS plastic, this charging pad shows your brand values both easy tech and the environment, especially with the 1% For The Planet partnership. For our entire line of charges, click here.

Pinnacle’s Green Options 

At Pinnacle Promotions, we value eco-friendly options. We offer a wide variety of sustainable trade show promotional items, so brands can be green without sacrificing quality or style.

Eco-Inspired Strap Notebook 

Jot down ideas in the Eco-Inspired Strap Notebook, featuring 80 lined pages held within a paper cover. With a colored strap and bookmark, it’s functional and stylish. Available in different colors, this notebook isn’t just for notes; it shows your brand’s focus on sustainability and good design. Great for trade shows or corporate gifts, it turns your logo into a sign of eco-friendly care, linking every written word to your dedication to quality and green living.

We have dozens of different styles, sizes and colors of notebooks to choose from!

Recycled Foldable Shopper Tote

Meet the Bungalow RPET Foldaway Shopper Tote, made from 100% recycled polyester from water bottles. This tote not only has a spacious main compartment and sturdy handles but also folds neatly into a corner with a drawstring closure. Easy to clean and eco-friendly, it supports the 1% For The Planet initiative, contributing a portion of each sale to environmental nonprofits. With your logo on it, this tote represents both handy shopping and environmental responsibility. More totes to see, here!

Organic Cotton Throw Blanket

Stay warm with the Field & Co. 100% Organic Cotton Check Throw Blanket, an eco-friendly and stylish addition to any setting. At 60″ x 70″, this blanket can be folded to a convenient 15″ x 17.5″ size. Beyond comfort, it represents your brand’s dedication to the environment, partnering with 1% For The Planet. When branded, this blanket stands as a symbol of both cozy comfort and environmental responsibility. See all of our cozy blankets and throws.

The Power of Thoughtful Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows are a golden chance for brands to leave a mark on potential clients and the broader market. The value of promotional items at these events is huge. They can not only make your brand memorable but also help in building strong business ties.

When picking items for your next event, keep in mind the significance of staying true to your brand, ensuring product quality, and conveying the right message. If you need a partner to bring your brand’s vision to life through promotional items, Pinnacle Promotions has got your back.

Explore Our Range

Excursion Recycled Clean Bags Set

Introducing the Excursion Recycled Clean Bags Set – your four-piece eco-friendly travel buddy. This set comes with a zippered bag, a shoe bag, a laundry bag, and a stuff bag, making travel both organized and environmentally conscious. Plus, a portion of EcoSmart product sales from each purchase goes to environmental nonprofits through a partnership with 1% For The Planet. So, every journey you take with these bags contributes to a more sustainable tomorrow.  Bags, bags and more bags, here!

Recycled 5-Subject Notebook

Stay organized and eco-friendly with the 8.5″ x 11″ Remark FSC Recycled 5-Subject Notebook. With 240 pages of FSC®-certified lined paper and 4 dividers, this notebook supports both your ideas and the environment. Available in multiple colors, placing your logo on this notebook showcases your brand’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. Just another one of our amazing selection of notebooks to choose from!

Organic Lip Moisturizer

Give the gift of hydration with the Organic Lip Moisturizer, made with 95% organic beeswax and sunflower oil. Made in the USA and FDA-approved, this moisturizer nurtures lips and showcases your brand’s commitment to quality. It’s an ideal trade show giveaway, ensuring your brand becomes a part of daily self-care rituals.  In fact, we have got all of your promotional personal care items covered!

After the Trade Show: The Art of Maintaining Connections

The trade show has wrapped up, but our adventure with our new contacts is just beginning! We’ve gathered a bunch of new connections and memorable interactions. Now, the focus shifts to maintaining that momentum and deepening those newfound relationships. Stay with us as we explore the relaxed yet essential steps to make sure every connection flourishes. Together, let’s water these budding relationships and watch them bloom!

Organic Cotton Commuter Tote

Flaunt your eco-friendly image with the Organic Cotton Commuter Tote, a blend of style and sustainability. Made from certified organic cotton, this tote has sturdy straps for comfort and longevity. Its foldable top flap ensures easy access and safety for your items. With two spacious pockets and a key holder, this bag is the epitome of everyday convenience. See all of our cotton and canvas tote bags!

Ecoconscious Trucker Cap

Rock the Ecoconscious Trucker Cap, made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton with a mesh back of 100% recycled polyester. With its curved bill and snap closure, it’s both stylish and eco-friendly. It’s more than a cap; it shows off your brand’s green side. Perfect for outdoor events. Want more styles? Let’s check them out! See all of our headwear options!

Organic Cotton Travel Kit

Travel in comfort and style with the Organic Cotton Travel Kit. Made from 10 oz. organic cotton, this kit provides a soft blanket, an eye mask, and a handy zippered pouch. It’s a traveler’s best friend that fits easily into bags. More than just travel essentials, it highlights your brand’s commitment to quality and the environment, making every journey a testament to mindful living. No one has more travel products to customize than Pinnacle!

Sustaining Momentum: Post-Trade Show EngagementsTrade shows are just the beginning. After the event, it’s all about nurturing the new connections we’ve made. Next, we’ll dive into how to keep the conversation going, from sending thoughtful follow-up emails to using giveaways to keep our brand top of mind. We’ll also measure the impact of our efforts to make our next event even better. Let’s work on strengthening these new relationships together.

Organic Cotton Shopper ToteChoose the Organic Cotton Shopper Tote, made from GOTS OE Cotton, for a durable and eco-friendly shopping option. Using this tote cuts down on plastic bags. Plus, with every purchase, we support the environment through our 1% For The Planet partnership. This tote is great for trade shows or as a gift, and it shows off your brand’s commitment to quality and the environment. Totes, totes and more totes, here!
Recycled Post-it NotesJot down thoughts and reminders with the eco-friendly Recycled Post-it Notes. Each pad comes with 25 adhesive sheets made from recycled paper. Proudly made in the USA, these aren’t just organizational tools; they symbolize your brand’s dedication to sustainability. Perfect for office giveaways or trade shows, your logo on these notes keeps your brand’s commitment to quality and the environment at the forefront of users’ minds. See what else we have up our sleeve for office supplies!

Recycled 9-Can Lunch CoolerKeep meals fresh on the move with the Recycled Boxy 9-Can Lunch Cooler. Made from eco-friendly RPET, it comes with a zippered insulated compartment, a handy front pocket, and an adjustable strap for easy carrying. Not just for preserving meals, this cooler underlines your eco-conscious choices. It’s perfect for work lunches or picnics and positions your brand at the intersection of daily sustenance and environmental responsibility. Every use reinforces your brand’s commitment to quality and the environment. Lots of lunch coolers to choose from, don’t be shy!

Strategizing Effective Email Follow-Ups

After the trade show, emails become our main tool for reconnecting. As things quiet down, your email should pop up in their inbox, reminding them of the connection made. It’s important to craft an email that’s professional yet friendly. This isn’t just a standard “follow-up”, but a thoughtful message. Mention their visit to your booth, acknowledge their interests, and invite them to keep the conversation going, showing that the relationship can offer real value.

Recycled Cotton Pocket Tote

Made from recycled cotton, the Recycled Cotton Pocket Tote is both eco-friendly and practical. With sturdy handles, a large main compartment, and a handy front pocket, this tote is perfect for everyday use. Plus, each sale supports environmental nonprofits. By choosing this tote, your brand showcases a commitment to quality and caring for our planet. Let your brand be a constant reminder of sustainability in daily life. Do you like totes? See how many totes we have!

Recycled Tote Cooler

Stay eco-friendly with the Merchant & Craft Revive rPET Lunch Cooler, made from recycled plastic materials like water bottles. With a spacious main compartment, convenient front pocket, and PEVA lining to keep food fresh, this cooler is both practical and sustainable. An interior ID label ensures it’s always easy to spot. By choosing this cooler, your brand promotes sustainable living and modern convenience, reminding users with every meal to think green. Coolers, coolers and more coolers, here!

Recycled PET Fleece Blanket

Stay warm with the recycled fleece blanket, made from 150gsm recycled materials. At 50″ x 60″, it’s perfect for cozying up, and it folds down to a compact 12.2″ x 12″. With your company’s logo on it, this blanket not only offers comfort but also shows your commitment to the environment. Knowing that 1% of sales support environmental causes, your brand is linked with caring for both people and the planet. Give your attendees something to snuggle with one of our many customizable blanket options!

Example of an Effective Email Follow-Up

Following up with an email is a solid starting point. Your email could start with something like:

“Hi Name,

I hope this message finds you well. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Trade Show Name. I recall our conversation about a specific topic or product and thought it might be beneficial to revisit some of the key points. Provide a brief summary or offer additional insights. Would you be open to a call next week to discuss this further? 

Looking forward to connecting, Your Name”

After the email, if there’s no response within a week or so, a phone touch can be the next step. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy call but a quick check-in. For example:

“Hi Name, it’s Your Name from Your Company. We met at the Trade Show Name and discussed specific topic or product. I sent over an email with some further insights, and I just wanted to touch base to see if you had any questions or if there’s anything else I can provide.”

By combining both email and phone touches, you’re showing genuine interest in building a relationship and addressing their needs.

Recycled Pouch 

Pack with purpose using the Recycled Pouch, ideal for easy and neat storage. With its two zippered sections and an expandable bottom, this pouch maximizes space in a compact form. Made for those who care about the environment, it highlights a move towards sustainable living. It’s more than just storage; it showcases your brand’s focus on green choices. Easy to clean and undeniably eco-friendly, it’s a practical choice for everyday use. A solution that’s both machine washable and emphatically 

green. Big bags, little bags, and more bags, here!

Recycled Non-Woven Tote

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Recycled Non-Woven Tote turns what was once waste into a handy and eco-friendly bag. Using recycled polyester from these bottles, it stands as a clear nod to sustainable living. With its long 22” handles and various colors, this tote not only carries items but also your brand’s message. Easy to spot clean and air dry, it’s a daily reminder of the value of recycling and conscious choices. Not into this color? See all of our totes and color options here!

Recycled PET Cooling Sport Towel

Experience the cool touch of the Recycled PET Cooling Sport Towel, made from recycled plastic bottles. Its material, transformed from old bottles to new polyester, provides relief during workouts. This reusable towel not only cools you down but also highlights your brand’s commitment to the environment. With your logo on it, it tells a story of both fitness and eco-friendly living. Towels, towels and more towels, here!

Leveraging Giveaways for Ongoing Engagement

Your giveaways are more than just items; they’re a piece of your brand, showing what you stand for. When people receive them, they’re reminded of your values and stories. Why not ask recipients to share photos of them using your items on social media? It’s a way to blend their story with yours. And to keep the momentum going, maybe offer an online bonus related to the giveaway. Even better, create an online community where everyone can share their experiences, building a deeper bond with your brand that’s more than just business.

Recycled Cotton Box Tote

The Repose 10oz Recycled Cotton Box Tote is more than just a bag. Made with care and a nod to the environment, it has a roomy main compartment with a snap closure and standout cotton handles. With every purchase, a part goes to support 1% For The Planet and their nonprofit partners. Use this tote for any event or everyday errand, and let your brand be a reminder of our duty to the planet, promoting thoughtful buying and giving back. See all of our totes, here!

Recycled PET Fanny Pack

The Hipster Recycled rPET Fanny Pack is where practical meets eco-friendly. It has a zippered main compartment and an adjustable waist strap that fits up to 47 inches. Made from recycled water bottles, it’s not just a stylish accessory but a stand for the environment. And with each purchase, we’re supporting environmental nonprofits. So, with this pack, your brand tells a story of care for the planet and cool, conscious choices. We have quite a few fanny packs to choose from!

Travel Pouch Set

The Split Recycled 3pc Travel Pouch Set is made from pre-consumer recycled cotton, making it a top pick for eco-friendly travel. This set of three is perfect for sorting toiletries, cables, and small items. As these pouches journey across destinations, your brand becomes a part of various adventures, showcasing a commitment to both functionality and sustainable living.  Looking for something else travel-related to offer as a giveaway? See all of our travel items here.

Measuring ROI from Trade Show Giveaways

After an event, it’s essential to know how well our trade show giveaways worked. To do this, we look at two things: numbers and feedback. First, check how many people got in touch or made a purchase after getting an item. Did they talk about your brand online? Did they post photos of the giveaway or tag your business? This can boost brand visibility.

Next, ask people directly. Send out short surveys or ask questions about what they thought of the item and if it changed how they see your brand. By looking at the numbers and listening to what people say, you can understand the real impact of your giveaways. This will help you make better choices in the future and see the value in building good relationships with potential customers.

Recycled Cotton Shoulder Tote

Carry your essentials with the Repose 10oz Recycled Cotton Shoulder Tote. Made from pre-consumer recycled cotton, this bag has a big main compartment and strong double handles. It’s both useful and eco-friendly. When people buy it, they also help nonprofits working to protect the Earth. By putting your brand on this tote, you show that your company values the environment and quality. It’s a practical choice that also speaks volumes about caring for our planet during everyday tasks.  See more beautiful totes, here. 

Recycled Cotton Draw-String Bag

Go green with the Reclaim Recycled Cotton Drawstring Bag. This 8 oz. cotton bag is both useful and eco-friendly. It has strong cotton cords, a front pocket with a hook and loop closure, and top handles for easy carrying. Every time someone uses it, they show they care about the environment. And with your brand on it, it’s clear your company supports eco-friendly choices. It’s more than just a bag; it’s a statement for the planet. We have an entire section on our site filled with a huge variety of drawstring bags, alone!

Understanding the Best Trade Show Giveaways 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular at these events, here are some answers to common questions to improve your giveaway approach and make a memorable impact on attendees.

Why do we need trade show giveaways?

Trade show giveaways help boost your brand’s presence, giving people something physical to remember you by. They also create opportunities for further discussions and collaborations after the event.

What items do people like as giveaways?

Common favorites are useful items like pens, bags, USB sticks, and cups. But unique items, especially if they match your brand or the event theme, like green products or tech items, also stand out.

How do giveaways help people remember our brand?

Giveaways, used regularly, remind people of your brand. Every time they see or use the item with your logo, it reinforces brand memory, making that item a long-lasting advertisement.

Do our giveaway items need to match our business type?

It’s a good idea. If the giveaway is relevant to your industry, it’ll make more sense to your audience and can reinforce your brand’s message, making it more memorable.

Recycled Computer Sleeve

Place your laptop in the Vila Recycled 15″ Computer Sleeve, made from RPET for both style and eco-friendliness. It has a zippered pocket for up to a 15″ laptop and an extra front pocket. Using this sleeve shows your brand’s focus on green choices. Need more computer accessory giveaway ideas? We’ve got them!

Recycled Felt Shopper Tote

Carry your things in the durable Recycled Felt Shopper Tote, a blend of strength and eco-friendliness. This tote supports your daily tasks and promotes environmental care. Each bag shows your brand’s commitment to protecting the Earth and supports nonprofits doing the same. See more totes!

Recycled Lanyard Pouch

Keep your items close with the NBN Trailhead Recycled Lanyard Pouch, perfect for any adventure. It has a zippered main and front pocket and an adjustable lanyard strap (33” to 59”) for comfort. Every pouch shows both practicality and style, and also highlights your brand’s focus on being eco-friendly.  See what other bags we have available.

How do I pick the best trade show giveaway?

Think about who you’re giving them to, what your brand stands for, and your budget. Pick items that match your brand and are useful or interesting to those receiving them. Items that are unique and tie into your marketing are often a hit.

Can I customize my trade show giveaways?

Yes! Adding your logo, brand colors, and message to the giveaways can boost brand awareness and make the items special reminders of your brand.

Do giveaways need to be pricey?

No. It’s more about the item’s value and how it connects with your brand and audience. Even budget-friendly items can leave a lasting impression if they’re chosen thoughtfully.

Can giveaways be fun or just practical?

Both work! Practical items have long-term use, while fun items can create buzz. Just make sure whatever you choose fits with your brand and what your audience might like.

Recycled Cotton Boat Tote

Move through your day with the Repose 10oz Recycled Cotton Boat Tote, made from pre-consumer recycled cotton. It combines eco-friendliness with style. The roomy main section and handy front pocket come with sturdy double handles. Plus, with each EcoSmart® tote you buy, you’re helping the planet through our 1% For The Planet partnership. This tote is not just for carrying things; it shows your brand’s commitment to quality and eco-aware living. Your trade show attendees will love their new branded totes from you!

Why choose eco-friendly giveaways? 

They show your brand’s dedication to sustainability, appealing to eco-aware consumers and boosting your image as a responsible company, in line with today’s values.

How do we give out items at trade shows? 

Don’t just give them away. Engage attendees with demos, chats, or fun activities, and offer the item as a token of appreciation, making the moment stand out.

Should our contact details be on the giveaway? 

Definitely. Add details like your website or phone, so those interested know how to reach you, making the item a handy reminder.

Are digital giveaways good too? 

Yes, items like e-books or app trials can be valuable, especially for tech audiences. They’re cost-effective and guide people to your online presence.

Stainless Steel Mug with Recycled Polypropylene 

Enjoy each drink with the Sigrid 16oz RPP w/ Stainless Steel Mug, made from recycled materials for a mindful drinking experience. With a recycled PP interior and stainless steel exterior, it mixes green design with today’s style. Every drink showcases your brand’s eco-friendly stance, making this mug a daily nod to a better, green lifestyle. We have a ton of other stainless steel mugs you could put your logo on too, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors!

Recycled Sip N Spill Coaster

Looking for unique trade show swag ideas? Try the Sip N’ Spill Coaster! It looks like a spilled drink but is made from 100% recyclable materials. Made in the USA, this coaster showcases your brand’s fun side and dedication to the environment. This is one of those super unique giveaway items that for sure no one else will have at their booths!

Color-Pop Recycled Memo Book

The Color-Pop Recycled Memo Book is stylish, practical, and eco-friendly. It features 70GSM recycled lined paper inside a craft cover with a colorful accent. This memo book showcases your brand’s dedication to green practices. Be sure and look through all of our notebooks and journals, we have tons!

Do we need different types of trade show giveaways

Having a mix of items can appeal to different tastes, making it more likely people will use and appreciate your giveaways. Different items can also connect in unique ways with recipients.

How can we make sure our giveaways are ethically made? 

Partner with suppliers focused on ethical production. Check for compliance with safety and production standards. Consider choosing eco-friendly items or those supporting good causes.

Recycled Cardboard Business Card Sticky Pack

The Recycled Cardboard Business Card Sticky Pack comes in an 85% recycled cardboard cover and contains sticky page markers and a yellow sticky pad. It boosts organization and shows your brand’s commitment to eco-preservation. In fact, any one of our customizable business card holders would be an appreciated gift from you at your trade show event.

Recycled Felt Bookmark

The Recycled Felt Tassel Bookmark is crafted from felt made from recycled plastic bottles and can be laser-etched with your brand. It tells a story of sustainable craftsmanship and represents your commitment to sustainability, making it a unique addition to any book. See all of our sustainable promotional items.

Recycled Felt Cup Sleeve

The Recycled Felt Cup Sleeve is made from felt produced from recycled plastic bottles and fits snugly around your beverage. It highlights your brand’s commitment to sustainability and adds a touch of art and comfort to every sip. Rather have a can cooler? We have those too!

Recycling Coloring Book

Rocky’s Recycling Coloring Book is a 16-page adventure that educates kids about recycling while entertaining them. It includes a Crayon Fun Pack and allows your brand to teach young minds about eco-friendly practices. If you are in an industry that promotes sustainability these are a must as a trade show giveaway!

Recycled Felt Round Luggage Tag

Travel with the Recycled Felt Round Luggage Tag, a sustainable companion for your travel adventures. Your brand is laser-etched onto felt made from recycled plastic bottles, promoting eco-conscious travel. Need more color options for your luggage tag giveaways? We’ve got you covered.

Felt Coasters – Set of 4

Your brand could be out there protecting tables with our Dye-Sublimated Felt Coasters. Made from eco-friendly felt crafted from recycled plastic bottles, these coasters not only serve as functional table protectors but also serve as a powerful symbol of your brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. They will spark conversations and raise awareness about the importance of eco-conscious choices in our daily lives. Grab some drinkware giveaways to go with them!

Recycled Mood Pencil 

Every stroke of the Recycled Mood Pencil makes a colorful statement. It’s made from 30% recycled polystyrene, and it changes color with heat from your hand. This pencil reflects your brand’s dedication to sustainability and eco-consciousness. It’s a simple yet fun way to promote recycling and sustainability while showcasing your brand’s commitment to a greener planet.

 See more pencil giveaway ideas.

Recycled Mouse Mat

Navigate the digital world with the Recycled Mouse Mat®. Its smooth surface allows for easy tracking, and it has a non-skid recycled rubber back. This mouse mat reflects your brand’s commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. It’s not just a mat; it’s a statement of your brand’s dedication to a greener planet. See all of our branded mouse pads.

Recycle Symbol Stress Reliever

Relieve stress with the Recycle Symbol Stress Reliever, a unique trade show swag item. Squeeze away the day’s tensions while reflecting on sustainability. This stress reliever symbolizes your brand’s commitment to a sustainable future, offering a tangible escape from modern pressures. We have more stress reliever options than anyone else, be sure and check them all out!

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