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Harrisburg Senators vs. Trenton Thunder - April 23, 2011
Creative Commons License photo credit: dougtone

Some people set personal goals for themselves like graduating from medical school, running a marathon, or learning to cook. From a young age, one of my personal goals (among other, more meaningful aspirations!) has been to appear on the Jumbotron at a professional sporting event or concert. I don’t mind whether I am spotlighted on the Kiss Cam or singing along to the 7th inning rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in logo apparel at the baseball game; I would just love to see my face on the screen for a few seconds.

Yesterday, I came closer than ever before to achieving my goal. A woman seated diagonal to me was caught on camera holding a Braves promotional stuffed animal and a man in the next section of seats made it onto the Jumbotron while waving a Braves promotional towel. Throughout the game, other individuals had their moment of glory due to unique promotional products and accessories. Children dressed from head-to-toe in Braves custom apparel, a teenager jumping up and down with a witty promotional sign, and miscellaneous people with assorted flashy Braves paraphernalia appeared on the enormous screen as I unsuccessfully attempted to make eye contact with one of the cameramen.

I learned a valuable lesson, however, and now realize the common thread connecting all of the lucky Jumbotron guest stars: interesting promotional products! My trusty Braves jersey is cute, but it just isn’t innovative or entertaining enough to earn me the Jumbotron fame I so desperately seek. If I want to achieve Jumbotron notoriety, I am going to have to be creative and design one-of-a-kind logo apparel or catchy signs to differentiate myself from other loyal Braves fans in the crowd.

Have you ever been shown on a Jumbotron? If so, what were you doing/wearing that led to your cameo?

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