Office Toys – An Antidote to Wasted Work Hours?

At the end of last year Online MBA put together an interesting infographic about the way people spend (or waste) time in the workplace, and it quickly spread throughout the realms of the internet – likely by those people who were wasting their time on the web during their workday.

Among the most fascinating statistics displayed:

  • -The average worker admits to wasting 3 hours per 8-hour workday (not including lunch and scheduled breaks.)
  • -64% of workers admit using the Internet for personal purposes during work hours.
  • -65% of YouTube viewers watch between 9am and 5pm on weekdays when (presumably) at work.
  • -18 hours a week spend surfing the web during work hours translates to $759 billion total salary cost for employers.
  • -Fantasy football alone cost employers $10.5 billion in lost productivity.

Now to be fair, workers often need to take brief, mental breaks between their periods of hard-working, productive time, but maybe if business owners provided their workers with some fun office toys, like custom Rubik’s cubes or imprinted Mind Trap puzzles employees’ downtime could be spent in a way that still keeps the brain waves functioning at an optimal level.

I must admit though, on a really stressful workday, I have yet to find something that eases my mind more than a video of a cute, cuddly kitten.

How much time do you waste at work?

Team Lead – Multimedia

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Really Funny articles and facts!

Love the part of Fantasy Football costing USD10.5 billions

but what to do, with today’s numerous opportunities and internet content, it is simply to easy to drift away from work from time to time…

One thing though, do you thing you would be more productive by never taking any breaks? We all need to change our mind from time to time in order to be more effective at what we do…this article does not take that into account…

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