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National Craft Month Ideas and Promotional Items

rmkoskeDid you know March is National Craft Month brennprogramm für windows vista kostenlos downloaden? Now before you scoff at the mention of arts and crafts, a term you may think you have long out-grown, reflect for a moment on the enjoyment you derived from art projects during your childhood editor für mac herunterladen. I’m not talking about the required assignments from art class that left you (well, maybe that was just me, because of my lack of artistic talent!) disappointed because of a poor grade microsoft team downloaden. I’m talking about the popsicle stick log cabins and handprint turkeys that you worked on at home with friends and family. It would be impossible for me to ever relive the carefree hours I spent sitting at my kitchen table with watercolors and construction paper, but just writing this blog post is enough to make me add “coloring” to my list of things to do this weekend instagramm video herunterladen.

I think encouraging your business to participate in National Craft Month is a great way to help staff relieve stress and unleash their creativity age of empire kostenlos downloaden. You could even combine arts and crafts with a favorite philanthropy, such as volunteering at the children’s ward of a local hospital. Whether you decide to drop off handmade cards or artwork to the kids or spend time creating masterpieces with them, the thoughtful sentiment and bright, happy colors of the pieces are sure to bring smiles ernährungsplan kostenlos herunterladen. And although the driving force behind your volunteer work shouldn’t be the positive publicity, you could always leave the beneficiary’s of your kindness with art-related promotional products like promotional markers so that whenever they spend time coloring and drawing, the imprinted messages will remind them of their special relationship with your organization and the fun times they have shared with representatives of your brand whatsapp web photos.

In college, one of the clubs I was a part of used to make tissue paper flowers that we hand-delivered to a local children’s hospital; keep reading for instructions on how to do this simple Spring project…

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Barbie – The Ultimate Promotional Toy

Tomorrow, March 9, marks Barbie’s 51st birthday (though she doesn’t look a day past 22) acrobat reader for free. Yes it was 51 years ago that “Barbie” – named after her creator Ruth Handler’s daughter Barbara – was first presented at the American International Toy Fair in New York City fortnite wil niet pc. It is estimated that over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide in over 150 countries since its debut, despite plenty of controversy and lawsuits that have tried to deface this cultural icon firefox kostenlos herunterladen. But, alas, Barbie has prevailed through the decades, enchanting the lives of little girls everywhere and helping to boost many other noted brands as a promotional toy download antivirus for free.

From Oreo cookies to Christian Louboutin high heels, read on about some of Barbie’s most noted promotions:

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Happy Meal Hamburger and a Side of Promotional Toys Please

happymealThe “Happy Meal” debuted at the fast-food chain McDonald’s in June of 1979 as an advertising medium to promote McDonald’s as a family restaurant, especially one for those with small children spotify downloader kostenlos. It cost one dollar, and along with the choice of hamburger or cheeseburger, small fry, and small drink, also came, of course, the Happy Meal Toy, which in 1979 meant either a McDoodler stencil, a puzzle book, a McWrist wallet, an ID bracelet or McDonaldland character erasers advanced kostenlosen. Since then, children across the globe have been delighting in this kid-sized meal with a side of fun found in cheap, plastic promotional toys filme youtube downloaden ipad.

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Marketing, Muggles and How to Cast a Promotional Spell

Happy International Magic Month! In this day and age, what better manifestation of the word “magic” exists than the fictional book character Harry Potter and his bewitching peers garten spiele for free?

In 2003, due to the immense popularity of author J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the word “muggle” first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary with the definition “a person without magical powers.” In the Harry Potter books, wizards consider themselves to be superior to muggles, but the fact of the matter is that potions and wizardry are not always the best solution to tough problems herunterladen.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry and his friends often fall prey to clever marketing gimmicks targeted at young, green wizards herunterladen. If only they had been informed about the mesmerizing power encompassed by promotional products when properly utilized! Keep reading to find out which alternatives make the grade…

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6 mildly scary films about promotional products that never made it past storyboarding



1 avast antivirus gratis herunterladen. The Cinchpack of Notre Dame

The pitch: A String-A-Sling backpack sold to tourists at the Notre Dame Cathedral is hired to kidnap the beautiful Esmeralda herunterladen. The cinch pack ends up falling in love with Esmeralda and attempts to save her from her captors, at his own risk…

Why the film was never made: Producers claimed cinch packs weren’t pitiful enough to inspire sympathy in audiences microsoft word 2018 kostenlos downloaden.

2. The Hills Have Ice

The pitch: Deranged ice scrapers descend from the hills to attack and cannibalize a family of innocent tourists microsoft powerpoint kostenlos downloaden chip. In the end, however, the ice scrapers feel remorse and decide to help the tourists by clearing the frost from their car windshield.

Why the film was never made: Producers argued that the ending was too postmodern for a box-office slasher photos iphone.

3. Pirates of the Carabiner

The pitch: Keychain thieves hijack a college bookstore and take a pretty co-ed hostage, in hopes that her magic carabiner will free them from an ancient curse bedeutung des wortes downloaden.

Why the film was never made: Studios felt the college football tailgating crowd was too small of a target audience.

4 herunterladen. Kites of the Living Dead

The pitch: Hordes of the undead wreak havoc on post-apocalyptic suburbia. After successfully turning all human survivors into zombies, they organize a worldwide day of kite flying that unites zombies in global peace… until the sequel treiber hp deskjet 5740 download kostenlos.

Why the film was never made: Studios couldn’t predict that in 2009 zombies would rival even vampires in popularity.

5 motorräder hintergrundbilder herunterladen kostenlos. The Fan-tom of the Opera

The pitch: After her father dies, a singer at the Paris Opera House hears the sound of whirring fans when she sings youtube videos to download mp3. Finally, a ghostly figure of a fan emerges from the shadows and declares its love for her.

Why the film was never made: Producers were unable to cast a fan with a decent singing voice.

6. Poltermice
The pitch: Promotional mice begin communicating with a five-year-old girl in suburban California through static on the computer screen. Eventually they travel through the computer monitor and into the house. “They’re here…”

Why the film was never made: Studios felt the story would be too traumatic for post-9/11 audiences. Maybe in 2010.

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Promotional Products Around The Office

Jellaluna-VelofficeraptorI’m not a big television watcher, but I have to admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with The Office herunterladen. It’s the only show I watch, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. My roommate knows not to talk to me during that special half hour on Thursday nights and my parents have learned not to call at that time pokemon kostenlos spielen ohne download. I sit on my couch, talk to my TV and act like I am a part of the funny office pranks and lunchroom gossip. In fact, when Jim and Pam got married last week, I was almost a little hurt that I wasn’t invited to the wedding drivers voor windows 10.

The plus side of not actually knowing Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael is that my work life is much calmer, more enjoyable and productive. And while Pinnacle certainly doesn’t have employees as extreme as any of the individuals on The Office, over the past six seasons I’ve come to appreciate that these characters are based on universal office truths adobe downloaden.

With that being said, here are a few recommendations for promotional gifts to increase brand visibility among clients and employees who resemble the following characters:

Pam- Pam would love a custom journal so that she could practice her drawing any time inspiration hits free cv word. Or, keep her warm and stylish by giving her another classic cardigan sweater to wear silverlight deutsch kostenlos.

Jim- Now that he has earned a well-deserved promotion, Jim would benefit from a personalized, executive-style briefcase teamviewer 8 kostenloser download. And of course, he can never have enough office toys in his desk to help him annoy Dwight pdf file for free.

Dwight- Nerdy and hard-working, Dwight would appreciate an ID badge to ensure that his identification never gets lost during adventures on his farm or a calculator (in particular one that fits right in his pocket) so that he can always maintain efficiency herunterladen.

Michael- Where to even begin? He would go crazy for an acrylic award, especially one imprinted with the words “best boss” (think The Dundies episode) and he is definitely in need of a digital or atomic clock so that the employees of Dunder Mifflin can never set the time forward again herunterladen.

No matter what you choose, personalized promotional products will win you awards for your marketing campaign.

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Pinnacle Poem: An Ode to Promotional Products







Since its creation in 1994,
Pinnacle Promotions has been a promotional company that offers more amazon mp3 version herunterladen.
Providing customized solutions for any marketing or branding need,
With all exclusive services designed around one overriding goal – speed downloaden van youtube op ipad.
From processing orders with our service of 24-Hour Rocketship Express,
To saving you time with custom IdeaKits that are sure to impress etwasen.
Let our dedicated Account Teams help you find unique products of quality,
And know that your order will arrive on time, and as approved, with our Platinum Guarantee playstation 4 spiele gratis downloaden!

From apparel, to drinkware, to stress balls galore,
Check out everything we have to offer in our online store nacon profile!
We have journals, pens, backpacks, candles, candy jars and toys,
We have magnets, spa kits, golf balls, lanyards, and shirts for girls and boys abba songs herunterladen kostenlos!
We have accessories for travel and fitness, for your computer, your cell phone, and your car,
We have gifts that tell time, display photos, play games, and even stock your bar Re-download windows 7!
Whether for man or woman, young or old, business or pleasure, or all,
We have thousands of products for everyone in our virtual product mall gmail fotos herunterladen!

Too many products to choose one on your own?
Just e-mail us, live chat or pick up the phone instagram bilder online herunterladen.
With account managers who know the industry like the back of their hand,
Their insight and knowledge can help find the perfect item for your brand filme herunterladen mediathek.
What about custom artwork and logo designs?
Our graphics team can produce amazing samples that go beyond basic lines.
Let us help you along each step of your promotional products decision,
And help us enhance your overall marketing vision!

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Wind-Down the Year with Fun Promotional Products!

Kikkerland Robot Pencil SharpenerI’d like to share my newest promotional product obsession with you: the Kikkerland Robot Pencil Sharpener netflix tv linux. So cute and so unique, this fun little multi-functional office accessory does double duty as a pencil sharpener and walking wind-up toy.

I think the biggest selling point for me was that you actually wind up the robot by sharpening a pencil herunterladen! Of course you can always use the trusty key when your pencil isn’t in need and you just need to see him move (wind-up toys always make me smile!). Once he’s done making his moves, shut the flaps in the front to cover his “mechanics” and he becomes a fun little accent on your desk german learn cd download for free.

As August winds down, it’s a great time to start planning for the upcoming holidays and end of the year celebrations. The Kikkerland Robot Pencil Sharpener along with other unique toys and executive games make perfect holiday promotional gifts filme von youtube downloaden online. When giving a logoed promotional product, you want to impress your intended recipients while still getting your branding message across. Funky gifts and gadgets do just that action movies for free.

Whether you throw a holiday bash for clients and employees or give subtle, yet thoughtful, end-of-the-year gifts, fun toys and trinkets make memorable promotional gifts download and install ps4 games. Impress your clients this season with imprinted yo-yos, puzzles or even wind-up robots herunterladen. They’re sure to land a permanent spot on their desks!

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Put Your Marketing Message on the (Promotional) Moon

Sweetie187Because Pinnacle Promotions is the home of RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™, I thought it would only be fitting to write a blog post about the 32nd anniversary of NASA launching the Voyager 2 spacecraft herunterladen! Space exploration is an exciting concept, and August 20th, 1977 marked a significant advancement in humans’ understanding of the universe around us herunterladen.

The Voyager 2 is an interplanetary space probe that became the sole spacecraft to reach Uranus and Neptune. To date, it is the only device of its kind to have completed the Planetary Grand Tour, an ambitious plan that exploited a unique occurrence in the Solar System, which happens only once every 176 years when the outer planets are arranged in a particular geometric pattern pathe thuis film downloaden.

To make your next marketing campaign truly “out of this world,” consider using a theme related to space exploration or the extraterrestrial adobe acrobat xi kostenlos herunterladen. We offer an enormous array of promotional products that relate to this topic, and you can be as playful or serious with your product selection as you would like kostenlose adventsgrüße herunterladen. A Moons Calendar, which features photos of the moon in different phases for each month, or our America in Space wall calendar can bring clients or employees one step closer to outer space exploration, and remind them of your company’s name and contact information 365 days a year old whatsapp images. With 2010 quickly approaching, make sure that you have ordered custom imprinted calendars to promote your brand.

To demonstrate your brand’s wit and light-hearted attitude, imprint alien stress relievers with a catchy tagline or slogan epic games store schneller downloaden. For a more serious take on the theme, why not opt for a moon stress reliever to convey your marketing message? Or take a look at this futuristic futura photo frame to decorate your recipients’ desktops and keep your company’s name in front of them all day long herunterladen. Personally, I think Judy Jetson would have enjoyed a trendy, cutting-edge item like this one!

Motivate customers or employees to “reach for the stars” with promotional products inspired by matter from our galaxy and beyond firefox große dateien downloaden!

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“Saved by the Bell”: The Pinnacle Years

Custom SunglassesWhile going about my morning routine before work, I typically roll out of bed, grab breakfast from the kitchen, and switch on the TV to get my daily dose of “Saved by the Bell.” Growing up, 5:05-5:35 PM was a very important time of day, dedicated exclusively to watching SBTB mindmanager gratis herunterladen. Starting my workdays with Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and the rest of the Bayside posse has inspired me to write a SBTB-themed blog entry about a few of the fictional characters, which real-life market segments they most resemble, and suggestions for promotional products that would best fit with their hobbies and interests anthem herunterladen.

Zack Morris: I think “Preppy” would most appreciate items that would enhance his fun-loving, laidback California attitude. Promotional Beach Items like coolers, sunscreen, and sports balls are great options, but Zack’s social butterfly persona could also make use of networking tools like business card cases or daily planners promiflash herunterladen. His entrepreneurial spirit often landed him in trouble with authority, such as when he attempted to sell Lisa’s clothes for a profit so she could pay off her credit card debt paper io 3d herunterladen. When Mr. Belding inquired as to what was going on, Zack accidentally offered to donate Lisa’s clothes to Bayside’s charity clothing drive! The moral of the story is that entrepreneurs, like Zack, who engage in frequent client meetings or are constantly on the road can benefit from promotional products that can help them stay organized on-the-go handy kann keine bilder herunterladen. Travel Accessories or office accessories may be ideal gifts for associates or customers similar to Zack.

A.C. Slater: Slater’s athleticism, sense of humor, and willingness to take part in his friends’ crazy schemes made him an unforgettable character herunterladen. Whether your intended recipients are already fitness-conscious or you are trying to encourage them to become more physically active, promotional fitness accessories are the right promotional products for you google play store für pc herunterladen! Slater would have appreciated any sports-related giveaways to accompany his healthy lifestyle.
His love of sports occasionally made him come across to the show’s audience as a “dumb jock,” but in actuality he often displayed a sensitive side, too netflix filme auf pc herunterladen. In one episode, his touching class presentation about his best friend, his pet lizard Artie, portrayed him as a caring animal-lover. For clients that demonstrate an affinity for four-legged friends, opt for promotional products from our pets category driver lexmark x422 for free. Your company’s thoughtful, considerate gifts will make a positive impression and show leads or existing clientele that you pay close attention to their needs instagram mehrere bilder downloaden.

Screech Powers: Where can I even begin to discuss this goofy guy? Screech’s klutzy, awkward presence played a key role in making SBTB a success. One of my favorite episodes was when he was competing in a chess tournament against Valley’s Russian exchange student. For clients who love board games like Chess or Checkers, consider promotional items from our “Puzzles and Games” section. They will be able to perfect their strategies, while viewing your company’s name and logo every time they play the game.

Get ready for more “Saved by the Bell” fun in Monday’s blog post, this time with an emphasis on Bayside’s leading ladies. Goooo Tigers!

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