Put Your Marketing Message on the (Promotional) Moon

Sweetie187Because Pinnacle Promotions is the home of RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™, I thought it would only be fitting to write a blog post about the 32nd anniversary of NASA launching the Voyager 2 spacecraft! Space exploration is an exciting concept, and August 20th, 1977 marked a significant advancement in humans’ understanding of the universe around us.

The Voyager 2 is an interplanetary space probe that became the sole spacecraft to reach Uranus and Neptune. To date, it is the only device of its kind to have completed the Planetary Grand Tour, an ambitious plan that exploited a unique occurrence in the Solar System, which happens only once every 176 years when the outer planets are arranged in a particular geometric pattern.

To make your next marketing campaign truly “out of this world,” consider using a theme related to space exploration or the extraterrestrial. We offer an enormous array of promotional products that relate to this topic, and you can be as playful or serious with your product selection as you would like. A Moons Calendar, which features photos of the moon in different phases for each month, or our America in Space wall calendar can bring clients or employees one step closer to outer space exploration, and remind them of your company’s name and contact information 365 days a year. With 2010 quickly approaching, make sure that you have ordered custom imprinted calendars to promote your brand.

To demonstrate your brand’s wit and light-hearted attitude, imprint alien stress relievers with a catchy tagline or slogan. For a more serious take on the theme, why not opt for a moon stress reliever to convey your marketing message? Or take a look at this futuristic futura photo frame to decorate your recipients’ desktops and keep your company’s name in front of them all day long. Personally, I think Judy Jetson would have enjoyed a trendy, cutting-edge item like this one!

Motivate customers or employees to “reach for the stars” with promotional products inspired by matter from our galaxy and beyond!

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