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Last week, our VP of Marketing had the opportunity to attend Google’s ThinkB2B conference, which was a summit for senior-level B2B marketers.

In addition to hearing presentations from such speakers as the Oakland Athletic’s Billy Beane (My first question was not about the presentation itself, but whether or not he looked like Brad Pitt gucci simulator herunterladen.  Priorities.), she also got to see first-hand what sort of promotional products a company like Google uses at their conferences sounds gratis downloaden.

Google Promotional Products

As you would expect from Google, the products they chose were anything but ordinary amazon album without app. Take a look:

• Joby was given a lanyard that had her name tag on it, along with a QR code. The code was meant for other attendees to scan to get her contact information using an app that Google had designed specifically for this event.

• Google had Android stations set up where you could design your own Android that looked like you. Your Android was printed on a t-shirt with the ThinkB2B logo and information on the back.

• Attendees could use Google Wallet to scan items that they wanted – in this case, promotional sunglasses and tube socks.

• Additionally, everyone was given a fun notebook and promotional cookie.

Choosing unique promotional products can really set your company apart from the rest. I bet that Joby will hang on to her Android t-shirt for a long time and remember her trip to Google every time she wears it. When thinking about promotional products for your next seminar or conference, think of fun and out of the ordinary items that recipients will really remember. Or just ask yourself, “What would Google do?”

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