What to Remember When Selecting Trade Show Giveaways

Have your sights set on a trade show? The prep work that goes into planning a trade show has many moving parts. From venue fees to nailing down a booth set up to finalizing sales resources that have been approved up the corporate ladder, brands such as yours can spend several months actively developing their trade show marketing strategy before executing it. 

While there may be more pressing matters in your sea of to-do’s, don’t forget that trade show giveaways are a significant facet that can influence the success of your strategy. Promotional products with thought and purpose can create buzz, drive foot traffic, and keep prospects engaged while visiting your booth. 

More goes into choosing a promotional product than just slapping a logo on something cheap. For promos to be their most effective, they need to be strategic and customized for the intended audience. There are several factors to consider. Cost is a major one for most buyers, but there are both tangible and intangible components that can greatly influence your decision. 

Influencers That Can Affect Your Trade Show Giveaway Decision

  1. Location of Venue

    Where your venue is located can affect your selection and trade show budget. Shipping long distances will likely increase your shipping cost and inflate overall spend unless you partner with a supplier that provides no-added-cost rush production services

    The actual setting of the host city can influence your buying decision. Say you and your team are attending a trade show in Miami, FL. Instead of giving out common giveaways like USB chargers and pens, opt for something more noteworthy like branded visors or a cool beach towel. 

    Items with ties to not only your brand but also the city lifestyle can do wonders for your marketing strategy. Plus, it’s something fun and unique that your prospects can use during their trip as well as back home! 

  2. Size & Weight of Merchandise

    Large and heavy items generally out-cost small, lightweight ones. The size and weight of merchandise can also play a role in your booth traffic and brand visibility. Bigger items may seem more extravagant but can be difficult for an attendee to carry around the event, so make sure you consider the size and weight of a product before purchasing. 

    Just think: If it can’t fit in a tote, it probably won’t make it back to the prospect’s hotel room. 

  3. Product Value

    It’s more about the audience’s perceived value of the giveaway rather than the dollar amount spent by the exhibitor. Does the audience find the promo useful or is it popular on the market? Practical items are high-value in the eyes of the attendees, so utility is key when making a selection. 

    However, if you’re on the hunt for something with a wow-factor, an item with unique features may be more valuable to pursue.

  4. Product Durability

    When it comes down to it, high-quality products will reflect better on your brand than ones of low-quality. If the item lacks durability and falls apart quickly, your lead may have a negative impression of your brand based on the quality of the giveaway, or they may have trouble remembering your brand entirely due to having to discard the item prematurely. 

    While cheap products may benefit your bottom line, ideally they should last well after your prospects get home from the event. 

  5. Target Audience

    Does the trade show you’re attending cater to a specific audience? Or are you casting out your marketing net to get the attention of a certain demographic or group? 

    Promos that resonate with your target are a must! Items such as a promotional Popsocket may help to draw in prospects and keep them engaged so you can gain those qualified leads. 

  6. Brand Alignment

    The messaging on giveaways will reflect on your trade show strategy results. 

    Make sure the message you’re sending is what you want to convey. As mentioned before, if the product can’t be linked back to your brand, it isn’t the right giveaway. 

    Consider the industry that you’re in, who you’re trying to convert, and what your product or service does to help customers. This can help you narrow down the choices and discover the best trade show giveaway for your brand, which can benefit your strategy and strengthen your brand’s marketplace prominence.

  7. Campaign or Event Theme

    Draw prospects to your booth display with branded merchandise giveaways that complement a campaign or trade show theme

    You can do a lot with giveaways that go with a theme, but again, you’ll find it more effective if the item is relevant to your brand. 

Winning the Trade Show Through Audience Engagement

As with any marketing strategy, your giveaways should always tie-in to your brand to achieve the desired results. 

Giveaways that enrich your brand can help attract more qualified leads that can lead to higher conversions. Active participation at the booth is a necessary component as well and can be accomplished through interactive content like quizzes, videos, and contests plus take-home marketing resources that prospects can review when they’re back in the office. 

You can achieve much success in your trade show strategy by remembering these details when making a promo purchase. At Pinnacle Promotions, we excel in trade show giveaways and have helped numerous customers find the right promotional products for their marketing strategy. 

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